DISCLAIMER: I wrote this post 12/14/2012 and never released it. I thought I was being a little over dramatic but as time has gone on I think maybe I should have released it back in 2012 because it is more relevant today than 2 years ago when I wrote it.

The prosperity gospel is not so much a theological problem as it is a heart problem ~ J. Lee Grady

If you can’t tell from the opening quote, I have an issue with the “prosperity gospel”. This “prosperity gospel” is one of the greatest reproaches that the Church has ever perpetrated. It is a perverted gospel and it is poisoning some Christians and their families. The prosperity gospel is very dangerous and destructive. There are a few things about it that should cause any believer in Christ who studies the scriptures to be able to see right through this heresy. Here are some of the things I see in the prosperity gospel.

  1. Financial prosperity is not a sign of God’s blessing:  If wealth alone were a sign of spirituality or God’s blessing, then drug traffickers, crime bosses, thiefs, Donald Trump, Lil’ Wayne, pornograhy movie makers, pimps, etc… would be spiritual giants.  Material wealth CAN be connected to God or it can be totally disconnected from the blessing of God.
  2. We should never give in order to get:  When you give, it isn’t some sort of spiritual gambling or slot machine.  We give because God has asked us to, will He bless your giving?  I believe He will, but I don’t think if you sow $100 you get it back 30, 60, or 100 fold. We give out of obedience and when we start giving to get we stop giving out of obedience and God says “to obey is better than sacrifice ( 1 Samuel 15:22 nasb).
  3. This is one of the biggest ones for me….IT IS NOT BIBLICAL TO “NAME YOUR SEED”.  Show me the biblical support.  The bible is our guide AND filter.  If there is not biblical support for this then we should not practice it.
  4. There is no BIBLICAL evidence for a “debt-breaking” anointing:

These are just a few things I see wrong with the prosperity gospel.  When I hear preachers that preach this “prosperity gospel” from their pulpit it makes me sick to my stomach because their messages are money-centered ALL THE TIME.  It seems as if they are trying to “fleece” their sheep or to put it plain, it seems as if they are trying to feed themselves instead of their flock.  (Ezekiel 34:2-5, 10 nasb).

Now with all that being said, I do believe that ministers of the gospel deserve to be supported but their is an issue if all they talk about is MONEY.


  1. Interesting, I just wrote a similar piece yesterday that will be published in two weeks. The concern I expressed is that critics of the prosperity gospel not throw the baby out with the dirty bath water. It will show up at charleslstanley.com. Biblical giving is a holy act of worship. It should not become an occasion for profiteering by teachers of a humanly devised gospel.

    • Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I agree that there is definitely a danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water. I’ll be looking forward to reading your take.

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