The Journey of 2015 Begins!

So as we closed out 2014 only a few short hours ago I find myself reflecting on the good, the bad, the ugly and the indifferent.  The year of 2014 was an interesting journey and at times I had no idea where I would end up or even if I would make it out.  I made it though the fire of 2014 but I for sure can still smell the smoke of last year on me.

There were some good things that came out of 2014.  I found out that I was stronger than I give myself credit for.  I had to face challenges and loss on a level that I wasn’t prepare for and though it should have broken me I find myself being made stronger.  Not stronger in the sense that I feel physically stronger but in the sense that I have a stronger sense of my internal strength.  My internal strength flows out of my relationship with Jesus and if my foundation was not the rock I would have surely crumbled.

I found a good church home that I currently attend called Tree of Life Ministries led by Pastor Moore. The leadership is solid, the worship is anointed and the teaching is biblical and they strive to make sure they stay true to the scriptures. Looking forward to being able to serve the local body as much as I possibly can.

My business is growing.  I run a business called The Aspire Group, LLC which is a digital marketing company for small businesses and non-profits.  We provide them with mobile app creation, web sites, analytics, branding, video editing and inbound marketing strategies to help them reach their audience.

I’m in a good relationship.  I’ve had my heart broken and wasn’t expecting to meet someone that I would be willing to give my heart to again BUT it seems as if God may have had other plans.  She is a blessing to my life and I’m very thankful for her.

Finally I’m finishing up Theology degree at Lee University (expected graduation Dec of 2015) so that I can go on to my masters and finally my doctorate.  I love theology (I know weird) and I know one day I will be back in full-time vocational ministry as the door is open.  I’m preparing myself this year for what God has in store for me (that also means warming up my Greek), I put it off too long but it’s time to get in and get it done (I started school again back in 2014).


As I close out 2014 in my mind and prepare for 2015 I look ahead with hope.  I hope to be better in 2015 than I was in 2014.  I want to be a better Christian that is dedicated to the pursuit of holiness who is fervently and passionately pursing the one who first pursued me.  I want to be a better father who is more involved in firstly their spiritual development and then their physical needs. To be better means I must give up somethings that are not necessarily bad they may be good but I’m making more room in my life for those things that are eternal.

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