What can be said at a time like this?  Words are inadequate to describe the hurt and the pain of those that have lost loved ones to senseless acts of violence through the years. Today is no different.  The people affected today will not be comforted by words, they are going to need time to grieve. Through the actions of one man, 20 plus people have lost their lives and among that number most of them were innocent children.  We can argue all day long about how to resolve the problem (tougher gun laws, no guns, prayer back in school, etc….)but I think we need two things.

  1. We need Godly leadership and I am not talking about the white house, I am talking about your house (and my house).  We need Godly men and women in our community that show their neighbors that they are truly a follower of Christ.  Jesus said they will know you are my disciple not by how much money you have, what kind of cars you drive, not if your Pentecostal, Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, church of Christ, democrat, liberal, republican, etc…. but how you LOVE.
  2. We need REVIVAL.  We need people to hear the biblical message of Christ.  We don’t need another name it and claim it, God is gonna bless you, God wants you healthy, wealthy, and good looking form of the gospel.  We need to get back to the good old GOSPEL message of repentance and the new birth experience (bearing fruit that is appropriate with repentancte, Acts 26:20).  People in today’s world need God.  God needs us to be his ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20 nasb) and to obey the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20).  As Christians lets not waste our time on meaningless things (facebook, twitter, video games, movies, fruitless debates, getting rich, chasing fame, etc…) but lets preach the truth of God with our lives, words and actions.

Today is a sad day in our history.  My heart breaks today as the lives of children have been taken today and families will never be the same.  May God help us and give us strength in these days to fight the enemy of our soul (1 Peter 5:8).

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