Everyone Needs A Coach

Why Am I Qualified To Be A Coach

I have been a certified leadership coach since 2016. I am certified through Christian Business Men Connection (CBMC). I have over 100 client-facing hours of coaching professionals in business and non-profits. I graduated with a degree in leadership from Lee University, became the youngest member on the board for the Black Chamber of Commerce in Indiana, served on the leadership team of a multi-million dollar non-profit, and I currently serve as the Associate Pastor at Orlando North Community Church in Florida. I have been coaching and in leadership for over 16 years. I have worked with a very diverse group of people from small churches to multi-million dollar organizations. All that sounds good, but when it comes down to it, I help leaders solve problems.

Why Coaching

Coaching represents a fundamental shift in the way people are empowered to live lives of significance, and in the ways, emerging leaders are developed. As a coach, I am trained in partnering with non-profit and business leaders to discover values, to set and pursue concrete personal or professional goals, and to discern and live their unique God-given purpose. Coaching has never been more crucial than it is today. The need for coaching in the non-profit and professional community has never been more apparent. We live in a world of compromised integrity and moral decay in leadership. When leadership is compromised, we experience broken families, discarded dreams, which ultimately leads to unfulfilled lives.

Christian coaching is a one-to-one, structured relationship in which a coach will partner with an individual for growth, change, and forward-moving-progress in the life of the individual. I will help you do this by providing a regular, safe, encouraging, and above all Christ-centered environment that will give you the opportunity to explore and clarify your personal and professional values, create s.m.a.r.t action plans for achieving goals and pursuing your God-given dream, wrestle through life and leadership challenges and hear from God.

Reach Out

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